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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buzzing around the Bee Baby Shower

Want a perfect theme for a Spring Baby? Bees! It can be so much fun. This is what we did: First we fall in love with this fondant bees by Mayen 

After 35 bees you may think this is not a good idea but trust me, it is!

We decided to grow Wheatgrass for the centerpieces - I also tried the juice... no comments!- Whole foods carry the seeds, I bought a pound and was enough for 6 centerpieces.
I know, super cute!

Then I found this beehive, I added some more bees and it was perfect!
Favors thanks to Burt's bees at Target
Note to self: Please make sure to designate a photo-helper in your Baby Shower and/or take the pics yourself, you may be very pregnant and about to pop and have nothing to do with pictures but... 4 to 5 months after the baby delivery when you finally have time to start the photo album ..... you are going regret no to do so!!!!!!  Love,

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